Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Eternal Question?

While some people believe that the eternal question of life is which is better....Little Giants or D2: The Mighty Ducks. I believe in a much more intense and personal question, are Quakers overrated? The answer to this question could be debated by scholars and theologians alike for years, while I can do it in seconds.
The answer is yes, Quakers are overrated. Think about it, what have the Quakers given us the people of the world. Sure they have given us William Penn and The Quaker Oatmeal Guy, but they have also given us a society that is so sexually repressed that you can not say "vagina" or "twat" without being scoured upon.
In conclusion I would like it to be known that i do not have a biased against Quakers. I have looked at all(some) of the facts and decided that they are overrated and in turn would like the name of Quaker Oatmeal to be changed to America Oatmeal. This is America!!!!


  1. Although i agree with your point, it must be analyzed deeper. For example, quakers, are given credit for establishing traditional american values. But if you analyze the verb quake, as to "quake", it is a destructive verb. why are they quaking? I believe they are quaking to destroy the establishment. they are quaking because they are the first of the liberal kind. Now if you analyze the noun quaker, it sounds like cracker. Sounds like they are a little racist to me. Perhaps a racist liberal? (for example see arlen spector) also a quaker.

  2. The quakers gave us Pennsilvania, which in turn created the Steelers so I agree with your opinion.